was born on the 6th August 1971 in Mukačev, Podkarpat Ukraine.

In years 1989-1994 he studied The Vocational school of decorative arts in Užhoroď.
In years 1996-2003 he studied AVU in Prague, branch of classic graphic of Prof. J.Lindovský.
In 2002 completed a study at FAMU - branch multimedia of director department.

Currently, he is devoted to painting.

Glory of Life

Already during his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Igor Hardunka embraced rather traditional depiction, turning more towards the past, finding inspiration in classical European painting and approaching his themes through Christian iconography. He transformed his personal experiences into mystical images and visionary compositions. All the time, he had been studying in a studio of classical graphic techniques, putting into use all of his previous experience and developing undisputed drawing talent. Interestingly, he conceived his diploma thesis as a narrative and post-productionally demanding video, which originated during his study stay at the Film Academy. In this motion picture titled Game Start, he combined animated and acted passages in close connection with the music of Peter Gabriel. The video represents a compellingly impassioned but totally open and uncensored self-portrait, where Igor himself impersonates an allegorical figure banished from this world. After graduation, Igor Hardunka took a long artistic break for personal reasons, gradually gathering courage to make a comeback ten years later and resume battling with matter in a painter’s studio.

cThe current exhibition Glory of Life represents a selection of his paintings made over the past year. Following a long creative recovery, Igor attempts to capture through paintings the emotions he had been experiencing during his creative hiatus and isolation. The paintings from the exhibition Glory of Life represent pure metaphor with moral appeal, presented to viewers in utter seriousness. They have been created by a person who approaches artwork with moral spontaneity we might find slightly affected. Not far from “preacher” symbolism, Igor’s paintings are packed with ethical meanings and do not conceal the desire to uplift our hearts and minds. Therefore, they need to be perceived without prejudice.

Igor introduces us to the company of allegorical figures emerging in symmetrical choreographies from the depths of the majestically restless but strictly geometrically defined space. It may have the character of a brilliantly overwhelming source permeating all matter or sweetly calming abstract decor. Male figures boasting unconventional muscularity appear here in their torso-like or time-shifted form – as young and old men simultaneously. The common feature of the pompously depicted figures is their body language expressing inner tension, comfort as well as alarm, destined defeat, banishment, loneliness, life in eternal doubt, search of hope and waiting for a better future.

Michal Pěchouček

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